Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Different View Out My Window

I just want to jump out of sequence to today, Sunday, May 15, to share the change of scenery a long travel day has brought about. Walked into my new hotel room early this evening to this:

My window view

Panning left to right

Panning from my windows last evening in Sarlat, the views were like this, actually clearing nicely after a drizzly day.

I stayed up late last night, trying to get that post up, so had to wake up early this a.m. to pack for leaving Sarlat. Too early. I packed fast. Wish I'd learned before I went down for breakfast that it was available before 7:30. I finally remembered to take pictures there. We were getting on the bus at 8:00.

Today (maybe for Sundays?) they had giant, fresh croissants, in place of the tiny, flake-free croissants we'd been having all week.

As an aside, I have a book on my Kindle, Caves of the Périgord, that Jeanne had recommended before the trip but I hadn't gotten to. I started it a few days ago, but got back to it this a.m. (after packing) and decided it's going to be so much more fun to read now that I have a picture of the places in my mind.

Planned to do more reading on the bus, but pretty much fell asleep instead. I thought I could snooze most of the day, having forgotten our midday walking tour of St. Émilion. We arrived with bursting bladders, having passed several closed rest stops, giving rise to the discreet inquiry, don't the French have to pee on Sunday?

It was a pretty vigorous walking tour. St. Émilion, also on the Dordogne, had a lot of history involving the 100 Years' War, fortifications have come and gone and the jurisdiction is made up primarily of vineyards now.

St Émilion. That looks like a postcard view.

The grapes

The underground unique monolithic church, carved out of solid rock;
two of the three window arches are visible toward the right. No photos allowed inside.
A lot of treacherous -- for me, anyway -- made going rough, but a good lunch at the Restaurant Palais Cardinale steadied me and got me moving a whole lot better.

It was after six when we arrived in Saint Jean de Luz. Our hotel, with its delicious view, is not accessible by bus. Carlos gave us a lovely little goodbye speech in French.

Even though he couldn't understand our incomprehensible English chattering, he sat patiently with us through several meals, with our giving back only a smattering of our, while not in-ept but a bit short of ept, efforts to converse in French. So 18 of us wheeled off towing our luggage several blocks to the hotel. Quite a sight to behold, but too busy towing to take pictures.

See ya!



  1. These pictures are so gorgeous that they make me want to transport myself there. Live it up!

  2. On my third day of working 13 hours for a go-live. Only 4 more days of work and I am retired..and very tired. A busy week coming up with Philip's Birthday, and my retirement parties.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! I so wish I could be there with you...but this helps somewhat!

  4. Mehitabel, wish you could be here. Some of the walking has been rather rigorous. How did your surgery go?

    92 MOG, HANG IN THERE!!! How much longer does the go-live last?

    writingfeemail, you're on your own little adventure. Sounds like you're having fun, too.