Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Again

Yeah, I know that happens every week. I should be getting back to at-home normal, but along with being world's slowest walker and eater, I'm world's slowest unpacker. Things are out of the car now, except for the box of projects -- only one project left in it now -- that needs to go to the storage shed. The food tote is empty and folded, but the suitcase and backpack (computer, cords & chargers, reading and writing materials) are partially emptied but still sitting in the middle of my bedroom.

Today I began preparing "stuff" (in this case, pill packets) for the next trip. Pill packets are boring and back-breaking to assemble for a trip of any length (little plastic envelopes for a.m. and p.m. for each day). And I notice my gum is swelling again and that nasty tooth is hurting. Actually, it turns out to be a fistula running down beside the tooth. The dentist wants to pull the tooth and put in a bridge. I don't want to do that on the verge of the travel season.

I also looked into the mechanics of doing an electronic funds transfer to my language school teacher in France. I have a foreign exchange account that I've used in the past to send euro checks or wire transfers, but never the EFT, a less expensive method of transfer (as in, free). I think I know what to do, once I get necessary information.

Earlier today, it was Soroptimist* Tuesday, where we heard a presentation on services offered by the Center for a Non-Violent Community, based in the little city down the hill but serving the entire county. In its beginnings it primarily addressed domestic violence and sexual assault, but it has expanded to provide a comprehensive range of preventive, intervention, treatment and legal services on behalf of women, children and, yes, men.

Today was also computer club Tuesday. Before the meeting I did a little lake inspection.

Although the closed sign is still posted, it looks like
we're getting ready for vacation season.
The buoys defining the swimming area have been deployed.
The play equipment stands ready.
The dredge should be done, but it's tucked away in the corner for the moment.
I love this peaceful view.

This evening the computer users' group had a presentation and discussion on Protecting Computer, Family and Self on the Internet. I accidentally shot a flash photo of the group, so hadn't told them to say "cheese." I don't think they'd feel flattered to have the particular view included.

I had so much to do with packing for quilt camp last Tuesday that I didn't get to post about French class.  I do have pictures from that one, the final class of a six-week session. We tried "fromage" for the smiles, but try it yourself in front of a mirror. It doesn't make you smile, although it may make you giggle.
 Chantal at head of class
Rapt attention

Chantal explains

Next week, a new series of French classes starts. 

Since my Internet is down at the moment, I'll date this post for Tuesday, even though it won't be posted until tomorrow.

See you, with luck, tomorrow.

* Soroptimist Mission Statement: To improve the lives of women and girls in local communities and throughout the world.

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  1. I don't think EFT is free.. you pay at one end or the other- receiving or sending.... about $30 generally.