Monday, April 4, 2011

Toiling in the Great Outdoors

Denizens of the wild are engaged in a building project. Soon we'll have more little blue jays to swipe the outside cats' food.

The buzz of a chainsaw rang out around these parts Saturday and Sunday. Terri brought Husband (TH) over to "get a few rounds" of the oak that came down or was felled after the disastrous snow, but once he fired up that saw, there was no stopping him.

This is the "Before" picture.

A man and his saw

TH loads some into the truck.

Moi, I help carry logs. LOLOL

Some logs are too heavy to lift, so TH tries this method of log splitting.

For example, this little round alone -- two inches thick -- weighs in at 10 lbs.

The method works, but "it ain't easy."

All right, I confess.  My log wasn't quite as big as it looked.

That was Saturday. After all that work I went for a walk. (Back on the trip-preparation walking regimen.)

The oak tree overhanging my driveway still looks so dead, but when
I enlarge this photo, I think I see leaf buds at the ends of gray twigs.

All day vultures have been soaring above the roadway, patrolling the neighborhoods, circling potential targets, then scattering. Failing, moving on.  As slowly and gracefully as they soar, it's hard to catch them on camera. I have lots of empty sky shots.

Disconcertingly, the vultures seemed to be following me
on my walk. I hope they don't know something I don't.

Still enamored of this wounded oak against gray skies

Nessie, with antlers

Back around the block and home. These daffodils look almost like little rosebuds.

Beautiful colors

The Terri and the woodsman returned for more on Sunday.  Afterwards, he says, "I'll be back," in his best Arnold voice.

This is "After."

And then I took a Sunday walk.

I lean over to take a picture of a tiny flower.
Beautiful sky this day.

It must be at least 15 years ago that I planted grape hyacinths
 and some other early bloomers at the foot of 
a tiny Christmas tree. I was surprised to see it here.

I don't know which of us is the most curious.

Terri spotted a "heart" at the end of a log, and TH cut us each a round like this to put
a nice finish on and turn it into a nifty wood thingy.  We need to dry them somehow,
and then get out the sandpaper.  We see a butterfly or dragonfly within the heart
which we hope will be enhanced by the finishing process.

The woods are quiet today.  (I don't really know that. I was gone half the day.)

(Update for last night's blog, in case you haven't seen the comments: The lady I emailed in Marseille has a room available for the night I need one.)

See you tomorrow.


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  1. Our chainsaws are going full tilt as well; storm cleanup! Glad you heard positive news about your room. Somehow I felt like it would all work out.