Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pieces Falling into Place

When you're planning a multi part trip on your own, lots of little pieces need to fit together to make up Plan A.

Sister and I are weaving together an overseas trip midsummer when we'll fly together to Marseille for a tour in Provence. When the tour is over, I'll be staying in Provence for a week of French language school and Sister will fly off to join Husband elsewhere in Europe. Afterward, she and I will reunite in Paris to fly home on our round-trip tickets.

Café in Sault

I've been waiting to hear from the language school to confirm some irregular arrangements we've made (what if they decided they don't want me?). I was also waiting to hear from the B&B we're staying at on arrival in Marseille the first night about whether they could accommodate me the night before I fly from Marseille to Paris at the end. Language school, yes.  B&B, no.  Because, as it turns out, we're flying home on a French holiday and the B&B is already booked that night before.

Salade Niçoise at café in Vaison la Romaine

I have a referral but I hope I haven't blown my chances by sending a to-the-point, direct American inquiry without all the very polite language the French use even in their business communications.

So, given this French holiday stuff, will I be able to get a place to stay in Marseille that last night? A train to Marseille to start with? Transportation from the train to the place? Transportation from the place to the airport on the holiday?

Outside Sault

I'm staying at a hotel during language school that's waiting to hear from me which day I plan to depart, lo! these many weeks since I first reserved. Concerned for their holiday possibilities, I'm sure.

People keep telling me that I'm so brave to plan this stuff and go off on my own. I keep thinking I'm a late bloomer.

At Saint Paul de Mausole in St-Rémy de Provence
(I love that they've parked their bikes
under the falling rocks sign)

See you tomorrow.



  1. Glad to hear you were accepted in language school, but alas, no room at the inn for the night before. Try an airport hotel, so you only need one day of transportation. Are you hiring a car, or taking a train to the school.

  2. Lisa will drop me at school. Colin will take me to Avignon to catch the train after school is over and the day before flying. When I looked on an earlier occasion, I didn't see any airport hotels there. Will try again if the referral doesn't work out.

  3. Hey, fast answer from the other lady in Marseille. She has space! Super.

  4. Lee,
    I have complete confidence in your ability to navigate throughout France.