Monday, April 18, 2011

Opening Day

Almost 40 of us swarmed into Old Oak Ranch, by cars, trucks and SUVs stuffed with sewing machines, boxes of fabric and thread and quilt tops awaiting the next step; rotary cutters and rulers, ironing boards and irons; and kaleidoscope colors swirling in our heads. It's twice-annual Quilt Camp, 4½ days of nonstop quilting, good food and camaraderie.

Jeannine's kaleidoscope
 Opening day is a flurry of rearranging tables, snaking extension cords, calling camp maintenance to resolve breaker blow-outs, setting out snacks, firing up the coffee maker, introducing newbies (quilt camp "virgins"), announcing schedules, and learning, as if we couldn't tell something was up by the jam of vehicles in the parking area, that another quilters' group even larger than ours is also here, using the other wing and another big workroom in the building. We will share a dining area.

Mats, rotary cutters and cutting rulers, for the non quilters among you 

At the cutting table

Barb's multi year project

Snack Table: We had to have a smaller table this camp for snacks.
 More nutritious items will eventually show up on the table.

Watermelon pallet

Watermelon confab

Kaaren at play
 Based on past experience ("it always snows at quilt camp"), I'd confidently predicted snow for this camp, and snow obliged by promptly falling soon after our arrival. It wasn't a significant amount, although it did delay one camper's arrival by a day, but at least the record remains unblemished.

Click to see snow flakes.

No picnic on opening day

It didn't take long for fabric to be cut, sewing machines to whir, seams to be pressed, quilt blocks to go up on the walls, and the din of voices to fill the work rooms as people got acquainted and updated old friendships.

My Internet connection has been a little dicey since I got home, so hope to see you tomorrow.


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  1. Love the kaleidoscope quilt! Glad your internet is up for a little while anyway.