Friday, April 8, 2011

My Exciting Friday

Around 7:15 this evening I heard a small plane taking off. Yikes! It was snowing the last time I looked out a window. Why is a little plane flying in this weather?

I finished eating my corn and salsa omelet (can be prepared by the end of the first commercial in a TV show and very tasty) and headed to the kitchen for my current favorite ice cream, Häagen-Dazs vanilla swiss almond. Yum! A flavor surprise.

Because I didn't take pictures on this exciting day, I present a group photo
 from a future blog. Lee in ubiquitous black & blue parka.

Little Kitty Girl's pretty face popped up in my kitchen window, mouthing frantic meows. Her eyes followed me as I went to the catfood bag, then carried a measure of Kitty Concoction back across the kitchen and around the corner to the door to the deck. Hunger propelled her toward me through the slush even as the feral cat in her watched warily, ready to bolt.

Heading back to pick up the Häagen-Dazs, I glanced outside again and noticed lighter breaks in the clouds to the west. Good. I hope the pilot was heading into clear skies. Somehow I've managed to miss weather forecasts for over 24 hours.

When I woke up this morning, sun was reflecting off tree tops covered with cottony snow, with barely any on the ground. Odd effect.  Black Kitty and Little Girl Kitty were sprawled in the sun outside the sliding door in my bedroom. I liberated Henley and Jean-Luc from the kitten room and got out catfood for all.  BK and LGK raced up when they heard the door open. Little Girl Kitty promptly hogged the bowl and Black Kitty flopped back out in the sun until she deigned to yield.

I didn't intend to go out at all today. I intended to have fun with Quicken and finish up my own little pocket itinerary for Fun in Southwestern France. It'll be here before I know it.

Lee adds dark blue cap to ensemble. Photo also from future blog.

In other words, I'd have my nose in the computer all day and weather would be irrelevant. Quicken knows what I've already scheduled for payment, and what I need to schedule for payment, and also what I've scheduled for deposit, and I was short on the deposit side, and might go "under water" (I think I can stretch that term to include this situation) as early as Monday. Rats. A trip out to transfer funds from one bank to another. (Hmm. Could that have been done online?)

So, while I was in Quicken, I made up a deposit for the computer users group, which is in its annual membership renewal cycle.

All that sun the cats were warming themselves in had disappeared by the time I went out in the afternoon. Gray skies spit on my windshield on the way into town and a shower of ball-bearing size sleet chattered down most of the way home.

I wrote several critical emails, read a couple of blogs, and here we are. I guess I'll finish up that pocket itinerary in the morning.

See you tomorrow.


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