Saturday, April 16, 2011

Last Full Day of Quilt Camp

It seems such a short time that we're here. I've finished one "small" project which, nevertheless, consumed a lot of time. I hope to finish another today.

It's a glorious morning. There was a hint of woodsmoke in the air as my steps crunched in the gravel of the parking lot.

"It's a burn day," another passing camper remarked. I'm world's slowest walker, but I'm resolutely hiking to and from all meals, in preparation for bigger things to come.

"Burn days" are declared by a local governmental agency, based on air quality standards and fire danger.


I could hear heavy equipment rumbling off in the distance somewhere. It turned out to be equipment moving some of the debris that fell from the trees in the winter storms to a burn pile.

Life imitating art

But enough. A sewing machine awaits me.

See you soon.


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