Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Coffee Jag

After I got back from French lessons last night, I sagged into a recliner and fought to stay awake for the Tuesday TV shows I like. No energy to multitask, no inspiration to blog. I had to get to bed early.

Three hours after the end of Parenthood at 11, I turned out the light. Early, indeed.

And did not fall asleep. Have you ever had one of those nights when you'd swear you did not sleep one minute? About ¾ of the way through trying, I figured out that it was the nonfat triple grande latté, with sandwich, that I'd consumed just before French class (which is currently meeting at Starbucks), so I wouldn't fall asleep driving home, that had me, if not bright-eyed, lying there with mind churning, thoughts jumping from topic to topic.

Whereas last night, blog topics eluded me, once in bed they bombarded me. I could hardly wait for daylight to get started. So I started this and got as far as the previous paragraph when the phone rang and it was my dentist's wife, looking to fill a couple of slots for the dental hygienist in today's schedule with people who have near term appointments. Me, for example.

As well as getting the teeth cleaned, I had errands in town to do, going in a big circle from the clinic to the pharmacy to buy a birthday card for a great-grandson, to the other end of town to the grocery store to find a gift card for a kid (e.g., Toys R Us), and back to the post office to mail the cards and check the mailboxes. There were a couple more stops on my way home and I didn't want to forget to take a walk once I got there.

In one of those light bulb moments I decided to walk the town circuit from the dentist's, instead of driving it. There are hills (no, don't imagine I'm climbing Half Dome) and teetering along the edge of the highway and a short stretch of sidewalk and a goodly amount of parking lot, and stairs. I purchased the items for the boy, then realized I had to return to the car for my address book before going to the post office. So I paused for lunch at a café near the market.

En route home I had items to drop off at Sister's house, and took these pictures of the bull pine that went down around the corner from them.

The top end of the tree has been sawed off where it collapsed the fence.

It extends across an empty lot.

Its huge root ball

Bottom view of the root ball.  I don't know why the tree 
fell uphill, but this house was extremely lucky.

All errands completed, I snoozed in my recliner, losing all good intentions for the rest of the day. I guess it's catch up for last night's sleeplessness.

On Monday, Terri and I had a "girls' day out," of sorts. We had pizza out, at the pizzeria, then went to her house to get me a live view of their downed bull pine. That root is humongous and there's no way the true scale of it shows up in a photo.

Catching lunch with Terri

Pepperoni & mushroom, the true pizza

Looking down the hill at the root ball

There's also a deep hole in the ground on this side of the root ball.
It's impossible to portray how really humonguous this is.

Then we went inside to play with computers. Most of our friends use computers. They'll turn it on, check their email, maybe pay a bill online, make a reservation, then turn it off. Whereas she and I are "always on," for work and play. We compared notes.  She knows how to Photoshop things, the genuine Photoshop, not cheap substitutes. I'm learning to use Blogger to do this blog and I showed her the button to push to get started [Create blog], just as examples.

Computer Fun

Spreadsheets = fun
Quicken = fun
Problem-solving = fun when you finally
get it fixed/right

See you tomorrow.


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