Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Walk in the Park

No surprise that while looking for photos about my visit to Pointe du Hoc, I looked at other pictures of that same trip with Jeanne's quilters tour.

One Sunday we had a "free" afternoon in Paris. The weather was cool, a little overcast, occasional sprinkles, but a small contingent of us decided to spend it in Luxembourg Gardens. Despite the overcast, it was warmer than it had been, and we few tourists joined throngs of Parisians there.

But first we needed a little refreshment after our busy morning. A little patch of sun eventually shined on us to warm the afternoon briefly.

Doggies need a day in the park, too.  Doggy walker?  (Lots of walking going on here!)

I hope these ladies don't take offense at my fantasy title, ""The Real Housewives of Paris."

The play apparatuses were amazing, and children swarmed over them while their parents sat on benches outside the fence, more or less watching them, but definitely not hovering.

There was more, but that's a start. I was exhausted after watching all this activity, and wanted to find out what a mille-feuille was for dessert that evening to revitalize me.

See you tomorrow.



  1. Yum! That looks really good, and being from France, I'm sure it was.

  2. I subsequently had to sample mille feuille at the next several restaurants.