Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursdays Out . . . March 3

Last week at our Thursday NeedleCrafts group, the ladies had an array of completed projects. They laid them out, and I ... had no camera in my purse.

Today, I had the camera but not as many complete projects showed up. Rose returned with her finished vest.

She also belongs to a "Sock Club" at a knitting shop, where each month Club members receive yarn (no choices here) and instructions on a new technique for knitting sox. Here are her recently completed bling sox (eye shades, please).

Ursula's comfy afghan comes out of the cupboard to work on on Thursdays.

Apparently there was thunder and wind and rain last night, which I missed altogether, but we're left today with big, billowy clouds against blue skies and cool temperatures. There are still piles of snow in places around The Little House. This is the annex (straight ahead) where we meet.

I had to drop a bill payment off near the airport and thought that would be a good place to capture the clouds. It almost, but not quite, felt like the Big Skies of Montana. Montana has an unequalled feeling of vastness. Here are our little samples.

To provide airport ambiance, Av Gas.

And a wind speed thingy. (That is a wind thingy, isn't it?)

(I'm sure this is an airplane. Or two.)

This little airport café has fallen on hard times, but its windows reflect the beautiful day.

On arrival home, I visited my First Flower of Spring, which has been through so much since February 9. It's celebrating blue skies and puffy clouds as well. It will gain companionship one of these days.

See you tomorrow.



  1. OK - here I am again lololol. Anyway, love the sky photos. We surely miss the airport cafe - used to go there a lot until it closed. Yummy breakfast and enjoyed the view. Maybe next time I will have enough done on my afghan so you can take a pic of it so it looks like I am doing something lolol. Love your blog - I should do something like this one of these days - - Me :)

  2. Hey hey - I did it lolololol. Thanks for reminding me about checking whatever lololol.