Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursdays Out . . . March 17

I'm having a hard time getting in gear here. My Internet has been out for several hours, and when I called to report it after about three hours, a few minutes later cable TV went out too. Tee hee ... perhaps you'll remember I'm the crazy lady with the A-B switch, so with the press of a switch and a quick change of a setting on the TV, I'm now on HD, surround sound for my TV programs. Antenna. Unfortunately, I don't run my DVR through the switch, so lost one program.

Is it just me, or is it the neighborhood?

My big Thursday out was a bit minimalist. NeedleCrafts as usual and we had a good crowd today. Lots of good industry ... crocheting, knitting and my lone quilt.

Busy hands. We're watching Terri's red afghan grow,
and shrink, and grow, and shrink. ;-)

I slipped a prescription renewal form under the window at my doctor's office. It was lunch hour and a jolly time was being had by all inside the office cubicle. Hope they notice my piece of paper is an action item. Then I came home and that's the extent of today's excitement.

Not to feel deprived. I did have those "things to do" on Monday and Tuesday. Monday afternoon I had an appointment with my oncologist down the hill in our little city. Only he wasn't there and I got the young colleague whom I'd met once a long time ago. He recognized my surgeon's work. "She does good work," he said.

I had time to pass between the appointment and quilt guild, so had a filling Mexican dinner -- a whole compuesta, not just my usual half compuesta. That didn't cure the sleepiness problem I've been having so I went to Starbucks for a double latté. And dozed off in the chair while I drank it.

Quilter Nora McMeeking did a presentation about her experiences with quilters and as a quilt teacher during her husband's sabbatical in England. She had quilts of her own and her friends to show the crowd.

Nora shows a hand-dyed quilt made by a friend.

Nora made the small landscape quilt as a demo for a class. The large version is assembled
from sections done by the students to apply their new landscaping skills.

Another technique used by Nora
This Tuesday held one of its usual twice monthly Soroptimist luncheons. Last minute arrangements for BEST Day, which will be held next week, were discussed. This is an event for 7th and 8th grade girls with a number of activities designed around the theme of building self-esteem and respect. It's one of several events held for girls in our community.

And it was Computer Users Group Tuesday. I'd half-way thought of taking a nap between events, but Angie was finishing up my yard when I got home and we hadn't had a chance to talk in quite awhile. So I got into the coffee at CUG, even though it is decaf.

Rain began to fall as I arrived at the Lake Lodge. Drops dimpled grey water.

It's raining at Lake Lodge.

We had a small crowd for our discussion of members' computer problems and of networking.

President Frank has a lots icons on his Desktop.

I'm frequently the only female at the club these days. Too bad our local quilt guild chose CUG night for their meetings. I think many of our small town's female computer geeks are also quilters. This date conflict is why I keep my membership in the guild in the city down the hill. That and their twice annual quilt camp. The Spring one will be coming up before long.

I've run into March 18 and still no Internet. But blogger has time travel tricks that will let me date this retroactively and I'll soon forget I didn't even get it done on Saint Paddy's Day. Which reminds me ... senior lunch today was corned beef, cabbage and all the trimmings and then some, and I have enough corned beef for two more meals!

  • Analyze this term, heard on TV: Leader of one of the search teams dispatched to Japan described their search pattern as being made of "seven quadrants."

See you tomorrow.


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