Thursday, March 10, 2011

A SLO Market Night

I'd always heard it referred to as the farmers' market, but my son said he thinks it has been renamed, since some sort of local business group took over this event from the farmers. Last time I was at the outdoor market in San Luis Obispo, many years ago, Jennifer, my son's wife, fell in love with and took home a puppy. They named it Lucky, as it was lucky to have found such a loving family. The puppy, it turned out, was infected with parvo and despite valiant efforts, poor little Lucky couldn't be saved. The next Lucky, a dalmatian, did better by the name and was mommy to many puppies. One of her puppies, Lady, now an old lady herself, is still the beloved family dog.

But this is about market and market is full of shoppers.

My granddaughter, who is in a culinary arts program, is looking for Brussels sprouts to try a new recipe.

Son Ben and Ashley select small ones.

Ashley, by the way, is the best dressed shopper at market. (Most beautiful, too.)

Funny little purple artichokes.

Flowers, too.

BBQ smells really good.

But we want to sit down to eat.

French fries going fast

Have a little cheese with your hamburger.

Fish & chips, very tasty

Ben picks up some fruit and heads for home. (I thought there was a photo of strawberries!)

See you tomorrow.