Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Playing Catch-up

After over a week away, the thing I wanted most was more sleep.

With "things to do" on my schedule for Monday and Tuesday, that didn't happen until this morning. "Getting to bed early" just seems to be something beyond my grasp, so the main hope is the occasional day on which I can ignore that the TV comes on to wake me at 7.

So this morning I ignored for two hours, then got up, returned two phone messages, then called and left a message of my own. I have yet to open the big bag of vacation mail, except to fetch out tax info that my sister and I need to file our returns.

Little Kitty Girl, who still looked like a little blimp on Sunday and Monday, disappeared on Tuesday and returned today looking slimmer and very hungry.

I went outside once, to check on my first flower of spring. There are daffodils growing everywhere now (mostly at other people's houses), but I'm still watching this little fellow who was a skinny bud on February 3. When I left for Arroyo Grande on March 4, I thought I was saying goodbye, since I'd be away for over a week.

March 4
I got home on March 13 but didn't get out to check my flower until the next day. Over an inch of rain fell while I was away. It's ragged but standing tall, its head unbowed for the first time since before that bad rain and snow weekend weeks ago. Look at those other daffodil leaves pushing through the bark of the old oak round.

March 14
 For today, it's looking faded but proud after another three-quarters of an inch of rain overnight. It awes me just how long it has lasted.

March 16

The guys from Rotary are coming to take the aged oak rounds for firewood. I told them to look out for the daffodils.

Now that the memorial for Jennifer is over and the pocket itinerary project for the trip to France is complete, I want to pick up the pace on moving the new computer into the study. I spent time in there today on the old computer, trimming and sorting older email.

And refreshing my memory about how comfortable my chair in there is and how I can cradle a cat in my lap and how I hope my contour keyboard and mouse will work with the new computer because they are built for comfort more than style. (Sorry, Sony.)

But more projects loom. Doing taxes. That's a project. And there are slides I want to convert to digital. My old vertical see-through scanner which I love has a slide attachment, but the scanner's own software, which operates the attachment, won't work with Windows 7. I managed to get Win7 to accept an "unsupported" scanner driver so I can scan with other software. You don't suppose the manufacturer is trying to "encourage" me to buy a new scanner by not supporting the old one, do you? Naw. They wouldn't do that.

I don't have so many slides that I want to buy a dedicated slide scanner. (Hmmm. Where are my parents' slides?)

I can see now that I'm not really going to gain net sleep today. Up early again tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.


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  1. Nice contrast of the yellow and green against the crackled gray of the oak. You have a good eye.