Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Just Kicking Back Tonight

I've got a cup of tea and a slice of chocolate pie, way too rich to eat but I did it anyway. I'm kicked back in the recliner with a laptop, not even sitting up at the table with the new monster screen. (Kicking up IE8 to 140% type-size on this annoying little screen.)

I'm relaxing because the pocket itineraries have been successfully covered and bound and they are ready for the trip orientation meeting this coming weekend. It's always anxiety time when handing them over for the office supply store to do the work. I hate it when they're given to the trainee to go off and have a go at it. One year a binding was put on the wrong side. Bonnie, Jeanne's assistant, is left-handed and she thought it worked out fine, but declined to have us make one for her that way the next time. So you know she was just being nice. 

I had occasion to be in a bigger city today than our little one down the hill, and it looked like that office supply place does a much higher volume business in this particular service than my usual place.

The feline inspector gives a sniff of approval:

Clear plastic covers protect the inkjet photos from little wet noses and other mishaps.

After that was successfully accomplished, I finally gathered up the stacks of unopened mail that has been adorning every surface in my house for ages and managed to extract the few things I must deal with (or, "with which I must deal," for the preposition purists), develop a short shred pile, and toss a waste basketful of office paper into recycle. It's a relief to have found no real bills unpaid.

And now I can read other people's blogs.

See you tomorrow.



  1. Aren't our kitties the most curious little creatures?

  2. Playing Jean-Luc in this production is Precious in her first appearance in a feature role.

    By the way, she turns out to be quite a ham in front of the camera.