Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Was Afraid This Would Happen!

I try to get the best gasoline prices, although "best" hardly applies these days. Out in the boonies here, none of the prices are really best, either up the hill or down in our County's little city. I prefer to buy locally because I have more range on a full tank if I do that.

But I checked the prices at our two gas stations on my way down the hill for comparison purposes. On my way down, the lowest local price for regular was $3.699. Still inbound in the little city I saw only one station at this same price. All the usual low price leaders were higher. By the time I passed that one returning home and arrived at my local station five hours later, I encountered this:

Crunch time is upon me. I depart Saturday for a road trip. (Can I blog on a netbook?) First I go to Arroyo Grande, which is a drive of a bunch of hours. (You see the precision with which I plot these things.) There my son and his children will be holding a memorial on Sunday for their wife and mother who died on December 1. Sunday would have been her birthday.

The following Saturday, Jeanne will be holding an orientation near Monterey for the participants in the May trip to France. Rather than do two trips that take a bunch of hours, not to mention the pricey gasoline, I'm staying with my son for the week in between.

I lost time when February came up short. I wasn't ready for month-end, or, more accurately, first-of-the-month tasks, so tomorrow I'll have to divert time from all the final, slow photo-printing for the itinerary project covers to making sure all the bills are paid before I leave.

Today was spent more or less on the road -- a regular Soroptimist meeting midday, followed by a wrap-up by the Chinese Auction committee.

Wow. A spider just came running boldly along the carpet. Phobic, I can't help screaming, but, altered by some horrific French spider experiences which I'll recount sometime, I respond with aggression in place of paralysis and heart failure. Sometimes I feel bad for the spider, but I'm sorry, it's a case of wrong place, wrong time.

Back to my day. It was after Soroptimist that I made the run down to our little city for shopping: Stock up on cat food and kitty litter; look for photo-safe spray adhesive to use in the PI covers -- not sure whether what I was able to get will work; attend French class, which was great fun as we mangled the language trying to tell tales.

Now, back home, another late night is underway, I have my TomTom GPS leashed to the computer for a massive update. When I had dial-up and even satellite Internet, the updates would have lasted until never. They always had to be aborted, so TomTom is way out of date. When I first plugged this in, it ticked up to 5:08 hours estimated time remaining. It took awhile to work up to that point, and it has finally headed in a downward direction.

Sigh. I suppose it will still be going when I get up.

Here's an adorable puppy I saw for sale in Sonora at McCloud's Pet Emporium. It's a Yorkie-Poodle combo. I'm not a dog person but this was some cute puppy.

See you tomorrow.



  1. The gas prices are similar here. It's killing the farmer, i.e. my husband, and the mail hauling business just got more costly. Maybe we'll get an emergency increase in gas allowance, but I doubt it with the government in financial crisis. Yikes!

  2. Try traveling in Europe/Britain if you think gas prices are expensive here. On our recent trip to England, we paid L1.49 per liter, which comes out to somewhere between $7-8 per US gallon. So we haven't seen anything that could come. Hence we bought Chevron stock to perhaps take advantage of some of the gouging in order to pay for the gas, which our 100 shares have increased $1041 since 12/30. If you can't beat them, join them.

  3. Even as I was posting this, there was a discussion on TV of the impact of various current events on oil prices, with the Brit commentator saying he was paying $9per US gallon over there.

    92 MOG's son was posting info on Facebook as well ... pulling just snippets from what he had to say and hoping I get it right, the oil producers put their oil out on the market, and the highest bidder gets it, and that goes for US producers, too