Sunday, March 13, 2011

Get together

Strawberries & cream, with butter cream frosting
Nine traveler/quilters/spouses made it this weekend to Pacific Grove to meet with each other, our leader Jeanne Mills, and her assistant Mary Ellen Parsons, and prepare for Fun in Southwestern France, coming up before long. Another eight couldn't make it for a variety of reasons, including distance, reports (erroneous) that roads were flooded in Monterey county due to the tsunami, about-to-be-grandparents, children having medical treatment, and perhaps some been-there-done-that considerations.

The tour does have an opening, as one of our ladies had to cancel due to an injury. Contact me if you're interested.

Nearly all of us have been on one or more of Jeanne's tours in her 17 years of leading them, so some of us know each other and others are making new acquaintances. People showed examples of their quilting projects, Jeanne handed out materials about the trip, I handed out pocket itineraries, and we all enjoyed scrumptious cake, tea and Orangina.

Looking over the materials

"We're ready to leave right now!"

"Come and get it!"

Jeanne serves tea.

Chatting and eating

I stayed at Jeanne's overnight to split up my trip home from my son's house in Arroyo Grande. Couldn't blog last night, as I'd kind of anticipated, since Jeanne's computer isn't networked and I couldn't connect up. We did exchange a bunch of computer how-to's, however, and went out for dinner (crab cakes!).

I'm home now to cats who've had the run of the house and they are wild. Throws on the couches are scrambled, cat nests scattered on the floor. They're racing through the knick-knacks on the étagère and shaking off squirts from the squirt bottle. But they've all started popping up into my lap for a little loving.

And now we can all use a little sleep after having an hour stolen from us last night. (Didn't I just turn all those clocks back a few weeks ago???)

See you tomorrow.