Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dull Diligence

This is one of those days that didn't exactly generate drama. Oh, let's not forget the anticipation of whether the TomTom download would finish before I got up this morning.

It had ... reorganized and updated something. Or several somethings, but apparently not the maps. There is a price to pay for maps. I'd tried to download them before and it had failed, so I've been several years behind on updates. TomTom promptly reversed the charges for the failed download with no hassle. That impressed me.

This time it worked, but it was another six hour download. Followed by installation and back-up which would have seemed long in any other context. All in all, this went on most of the day, and I'm not at all certain any of my old settings transferred.

While I waited, I was printing the pocket itineraries. They're next to done. One traveler may have to drop out after an accident, so the roster page is on hold.

The cover, printed on Kodak Premium Picture Paper-Satin, is beautiful. The new printer did a fine, silent job.

I paid a few bills.

I intended to check on my first flower of Spring, which I haven't done since last Saturday. But I never stirred myself out of the house except to pick up the newspaper.

Two loads of laundry will replenish undies, sox and jeans for my journey. I'm gathering materials to work on a multipart blog re my unusual trip abroad, to which I alluded in Brain Freeze.

Here's another image from that trip.

See you tomorrow.



  1. Yes, where was the interesting door? Will you tell us now, or make us wait for more clues?

  2. That would be in France, more particularly, Provence.