Monday, March 7, 2011

All This By Way of Saying, Quiet Day

Sheesh! I've been mentally composing my commentary around the fact that this week is not the every-other-Tuesday which is so busy, the one with Soroptimist and French class or computer club that gets me out of the house for the day. That I got an email that my French class is cancelled for tonight because the prof is not feeling well. That in fact I have forgotten to send my prof some situations as requested which the group will use to converse in French.

Last week, for example, Gary was imagined to be sitting in a café with three friends and three other friends of Gary's who don't know the initial three come in and are introduced to each other. Then we all order from Chantal our waitress who cannot keep track of all the orders. Chantal, in actuality our prof, is tired of creating situations for us and has asked us to do her work!  ;-)

I'm not complaining. In general, my mind draws a blank when asked to think up things like this. I have thought of several situations, based on having been in them rather than any spurt of creativity, but mine tend to involve one person asking a question of another, which doesn't much lend itself to a group enterprise.

When Chantal's email came in, Subject: Cours de Français, I quickly wondered whether I could get my situations to her before class time. And then it was a cancellation and I have a reprieve until next week. Or longer even, because next week I go to computer club, rather than French class.

Then somehow I found out today is MONDAY. Today was a true true-to-form Monday ... barely left the house. Nothing exciting. It's the little pocket itinerary book again (still). All printed, but each piece of paper contains four pages and must be sliced and properly sequenced. Without providing excruciating detail, there are some pages that also involve extra cuts, green marking pen and Scotch Tape™. I'm halfway through slicing and dicing, so figure I can hit Staples or similar by Wednesday to get the little books spiral bound with plastic covers to protect my purty photo covers. Hooray!

Nasty Adhesive Spray Project

So I took a slight break late in the day to look for chocolate yogurt. Yogurt is more healthy than ice cream, isn't it?

Here's a picture which is jazzier than my day has been.

In Montmartre

See you tomorrow.



  1. Montmartre is where I lost Anne. Yikes! I guess I will always associate those two events!

  2. You have to watch her or she'll wander off. Or was it you that wandered off? ;-)