Tuesday, March 8, 2011

350 Steps ... The REAL Tuesday

If you read yesterday's blog, you can't have been holding your breath for a whole lot of excitement today. The most excitement I had came last night after I had already posted here when I helped a fellow blogger with a little computer glitch, purely on a hunch. I hope I saved her some aggravation and even money.

Not much was promised for today and even less happened. In my insane plan to walk 10,000 steps a day (who told us that was a proper amount?), I usually remember to hook a pedometer to the waistband of my jeans when I get dressed in the morning. If I bustle about the house all morning in my jammies, I feel cheated of credit for the unregistered miles I may have walked before the pedometer got put on.

So follow my logic closely here. I lost a some credit for steps taken early in the morning yesterday by getting dressed a little late. I sat at the table all day working on my little pocket itineraries, except for the brief foray in search of chocolate yogurt. Only 900+ steps registered for the day by the time I went to bed. I usually reset to 0 at that point, but last night I didn't.

Got dressed early this morning and I still didn't reset the pedometer. Something about restoring balance for steps-never-counted. I cut and assembled all day. (Don't get a picture here of total slavery to task. I do get distracted, checking email and listening to the state of north Africa on CNN and reading the occasional blog and Facebook.) I finished and had ready for binding -- except for one final check -- the pocket itineraries before dinner, then began a longer blog on a totally different topic and realized after a bit that I was too tired to finish that one tonight.

I reached to my waistband to check my mileage for today and the pedometer wasn't there. It had slipped down inside my jeans and was dangling from the safety cord. (Or was pressed, inert, between panty and jean.) It only shows 1250 steps for ... yesterday and today. Cringe. I'm sure I did at least a little more than that many steps over two days, but, you see Writingfeemail, I don't yet deserve congratulations on my fitness regimen.

Ready to Bind

See you tomorrow.


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  1. I say you do get 'congrats'! You are actively pursuing your goal and that is congratulatory enough some days. Besides that, your work with the itinerary books is spectacular.