Friday, February 25, 2011

Will it? Or won't it?

For several days all of Northern California has been warned that big snows are coming, as low as 1000 ft elevation, possibly even in San Francisco. Snow could be 6" deep at that 1000 ft level, a foot at 2 - 3,000 ft, multi-feet of snow higher up. Our little market was as busy yesterday as during as summer tourist season with people stocking up on food, batteries, and other stores. The tree guy graciously sliced some kindling for me and I set up a fire in the woodstove against the possibility of more power failures.

It's the big story on everyone's lips, on the news, on Facebook, on the phone. Terri and her husband came over for him to tromp through my "woods" in the rain to see whether he wants some of the downed wood for their stove. He doesn't like being cooped up and I think he would have begun sawing out there today if access had been better.

The original advisories put the heavy snowfalls from this evening through early Saturday morning. Then they started talking about its starting Thursday night. When I woke up this morning there was a dusting of snow on the ground, but not the big one. However, over an inch of rain had fallen. Poor little Girl Kitty was huddled, meowing, under the tarp over the wood rack this morning, and ate hungrily when I put food out for her. Thankfully, her coat is thick and long, as it's going to be really cold.

On and off during the day hail and sleet fell intermittently. And rain. There has been snow in the little city down the hill, over 1000 ft lower in elevation than we are, a long drive there, but not far as the crow flies.

Is this a big bust of a storm? There have been lots of power failures reported north of here. Did all the really nasty weather stop at the river?

As I look out on the deck now, some icy snow has accumulated. No sign of Girl Kitty. I hope she has a hideout somewhere. I feel so bad for her but I really can't become the Cat Hoarder Lady.

We'll see in the morning whether yes or whether no for snow.

See you tomorrow.


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