Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weather No More

I'm tired of weather as the sole topic of conversation. We were in our own little Banana Belt. It only went down to 23° and we were dusted with icy bits of snow, of which I took lots of artsy photos as it glistened in the sun.

But I'll only regale you with one. When I looked out at the stepping stones, the ice crystals stuck to some and not others in this interesting patchwork pattern.

Patchwork pathway
Today, I'm working on the little pocket itinerary book for Jeanne's May trip. I started on the cover, which basically involves locating and arranging photos related to the trip destinations.(Sample covers here.) I like to use my own photos -- no problems with permissions - but I was last in southwest France in 1959 and those slides are hard to get at! I may be using these two of mine to represent our trip extension in Paris.

Afternoon in Luxembourg Gardens

Eiffel Tower of an evening
When I went to shut down my computer last night, this picture was up in my photo program. Not sure why it was there, but I like it so much I'm including it, too.

It's a picture of my aunt (mother's sister), Mom, uncle and Pop. It was scanned so it has no original dates, but I'm guessing it was taken in the mid-90s, which would put my parents in their 80s. Sometime in the past, I thought I recognized this as taken in Port Angeles, WA. Now I only remember the remembering and not so much Port Angeles. And there they were, off on a trip together, two states away from home. Wherever it was, I bet this foursome really did the town.

Only my aunt is still living.

See you tomorrow.



  1. The last picture is one that I took when we visited the Tulip Festival at Pier 39 in San Francisco. I dont remember exactly when. Lainie

  2. Ah, thank you for the input. I'm not sure how I got the photo in the first place. Was it among those we scanned when we were planning Papa's memorial? So it remains a complete mystery why I thought it was in Port Angeles, unless there is a spot near the waterfront there that resembles this. Would you guesstimate it was mid to late 90s?