Sunday, February 27, 2011


Do you ever look at the old family photos and compare the boy with the man, the girl with the woman, yourself with your parents? Or take a picture of people in public places and make up a story about their lives?

I once started gathering photos I called Before & After pictures, which I occasionally toss onto my Facebook page. Some new combinations just occurred to me, which I'm thinking of as "transitions."

For example, here's a picture of Papa as a boy.

Here's Papa with my grandson, his great-grandson.

Here's my grandson, with his sister, my granddaughter.

I had a set of Before & After, taken at Monet's Garden, Giverny, France.

Here are children, French school children, awaiting their turn to tour Monet's residence, in their incredibly patient manner.

Resting on a similar bench in the garden are these two ladies, closer to the other end of their life span, whom I imagine to be sisters. I ate a sack lunch opposite them, taking perhaps half an hour, during which time they sat as silently as you see them.

Then I remembered this photo that Jeanne's granddaughter took of Jeanne and me, at rest behind Notre Dame, warming ourselves in dappled sunshine on a chilly morning. Put a few more white hairs on our heads and one day might someone snap a photo of us in Giverny and make up a story?

See you tomorrow.


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