Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursdays Out . . . February 3

Have to be up early for Thursdays and I didn't get to bed until 3:30!

Last September I finished a quilt just in time for our quilt guild's annual show. It involved lots of hand work and took 12 years to complete. It was a calendar quilt, with a cat and bird facing off as "Friendly Foes" in each block. (I'm posting each block in its month in the sidebar.)  I worked on other quilts as well, but this one provided "something to work on" for years of crafty Thursdays.

Long story short, with no quilts at the handwork stage, I opened accumulated mail on Thursdays for several weeks. I still have buckets to do which cannot be tossed because they've never been sorted, some pieces being potentially valuable. The ladies have been giving me a really hard time about this.

Yesterday I found a quilt I could bind -- a bit ahead of its time but doable -- with some preparation. First, cut binding strips, piece enough together for a 320 inch perimeter, fold in half lengthwise, press, machine-stitch raw edges of binding around edge of quilt, and voilà, 320 inches-worth of hand sewing to turn the binding over to the back, good for two or three weeks of Thursdays.

The prep was scheduled for Wednesday. There was a little glitch. My sewing machine was in the back of my car behind the boxes of books that I still hadn't dropped off for the Friends of the Library.  So I didn't get to the prep task until late in the day, and it took until 3:15 a.m. to complete it.

Then no one showed up at crafts except for Terri, who arrived after electrician and furnace guy had fixed electricity and furnace respectively at her house.  I could just as well have sorted a bucket of mail and gone to bed earlier. On the other hand, I did have my quilt to work on. Terri declines to show her lack of progress since last week on her zigzag afghan. She's "saving it" to  have something to work on in the group.  ;-)

The binding is the thin blue line above the flag ... about 15" completed.

Since Thursday happens to be day out, I was also off to a monthly computer club board meeting in the afternoon. Our long-suffering secretary tries valiantly to keep us on-topic and do things in an orderly, parliamentary way. I'm afraid he'll have a long wait. The rest of us stay on the board or come to board meetings even when out of office just for the good geek-out fun of it.

Brother-in-law, having finished up most of the chili and stew Sister sent up with him for floor-laying week, suggested sharing a pizza. After inspection of the floor project -- the hardwood portion of floors finished today, tiles for kitchen and bathroom starting tomorrow -- we headed out to the pizza parlor.

Dining room


 Brother-in-law prepares attack on another piece of pizza.

See you tomorrow.


  1. Did you ever find out why the fruits were still out?

  2. I have two more meals left in the pizza. Brother-in-law has one. Never heard anything about the fruits, but it's been business as usual. On the other hand, I haven't read the paper in two or three days. Maybe there's a really big story there.

  3. You know I like pizza; looks delicious!