Monday, February 28, 2011

Taping the Academy Awards

The Soroptimist held its generally annual Chinese Auction Sunday evening, a major fundraiser. I don't know whether the Chinese have auctions or whether it simply provides a decorating, food and dress theme.

I have a friend who holds an Academy Awards Party every year, and this year she and I were otherwise occupied with the auction.

So I taped the Academy Awards.

That sounds so anachronistic, even to me, who happens to be old, and still has a VCR hooked up for capturing multiple programs when necessary. In fact, I have a Beta machine, just in case someone has old Beta tapes they want to transfer to, well,VHS.

But I didn't really "tape" the Awards, I DVR'd them. That doesn't roll easily off the tongue and I have to think about about that term. (Not in TIVO territory.)

I got a few photos at and around the event. Outside, the golf carts were all lined up and deer were trimming the grass.

I don't know if anyone had golfed that day. It had finally been sunny, after all the futzing around with the snow, but a brisk wind was blowing off those mountains.

Here's a tiny sample of the decorations.

The tables were set and the cups for the quarter bids at the ready.

The crowd was huge, the auction lively. I took a few people pictures but didn't warn anyone they might appear in a blog, so none of those is included here.

When I got home, I cranked up the DVR and the awards rattled in the background while I worked at the computer on my itinerary project, updating pages, somewhat annoyed at the awards, whose "young and hip" mostly felt forced. I did see and hear about some movies I'd like to check on.  Eventually.

Hours later, when the awards were long over, I had been sucked into the Picasa 3 photo program people-matching feature which is addictive. I didn't go to bed until 3 a.m.

My post-auction job was to help roll and count quarters on Monday morning, but got an early call from the quarter chairperson. She said she'd recorded the Academy Awards so was up rolling quarters until late into the night and would soon be finished without assistance.

Recorded!  She recorded the Academy Awards. That's the term that flows easily off the tongue, to replace taped. This has been an education.

See you tomorrow.



  1. What kinds of things do you auction? This looks like a great idea; love the decor.

  2. You name it! We had three different ways to play. Live auction, which can get the big bids, included a skeet shoot for 4 or 5, followed by BBQ for 8 or 10, meals, often ethnic, by some of our best member-cooks, a scenic plane ride for four, and the smallest item in this category was a hand-woven scarf by one of our renowned local artists.

    There were a couple of types of raffle, with items ranging from overnight stay packages at Reno and Tahoe, as well as more locally, meals and gift cards, and lots of boutique items in the $25 price range, contributed by members and some by local businesses. This year we were encouraging our ladies to buy items from local merchants, more than ask for donations, as a way of helping the local economy.