Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Returning Merchandise to Macy's

I couldn't blog about my Sunday on Sunday. Sister-in-law Tory and I finally got our day away. All day. So when I got home, a sleeping Henley cat pinned me to the recliner, out of reach of the computer, for at least two hours.

Before I left the house on Sunday, I caught sight through the window of this beautiful buck with his large entourage -- too many to catch in one photo.

We headed for Macy's. I go there so seldom I need Tory's directions to find it. I had an exchange to make (my step-daughter is so sweet to think I was ever that small) and Tory had a return.

We had the nicest sales lady. A one-time Personal Shopper, back when stores still had those, she plied those skills and we didn't leave the fitting room for two hours. I live mostly in jeans and one of my acquisitions is a pair of comfortable jeans, without that tattered pre-worn look. I'll do that part myself, thank you. There are several other items hanging from a door jamb until I take -- what is it? -- two old items out of the closet for every new one I'm putting in it.

Macy's made out very well on my exchange.

This little spree was followed by a full-on Costco raid for giant bottles of vitamins and supplements, toothpaste and peanuts, granola bars and crackers, toilet paper and garden hose, hopefully enough to carry me through the next three or so months. Tory showed great restraint in both places, something like three items each, but had fun pushing my cart.

Because of the snow, our short road up the hill was closed, so I had to drive up the long grade that so terrifies me after dark. Tory kept my panic at a simmer which got me home to be cuddled by a cat for the rest of the evening.

Monday was virtually all computer. Today -- Tuesday -- was busy, but tomorrow promises to continue on with today's busyness, so ...

    ... See you tomorrow for the exciting -- or otherwise -- conclusion.


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