Sunday, February 13, 2011

Phone call at 12:24 a.m. . . . February 12

No matter if you're a night owl and everyone knows it, it still sends a little jolt through you when the phone rings at this time of day. Even when your sister is traveling in another time zone. It could be from the children, and if it were, it's unlikely to be good news. No help that caller ID says Unknown Name, Unknown Number. If it's a sales call, by golly . . .

It's a familiar voice, but so exceptionally clear, I'm not sure I'm hearing right. Ah, it is my sister, from London, just getting up after their first night there. They'd let their British SIM chip expire, so have a new phone number to give me. I'm information central for anyone who might need their number. She was calling on the cell phone and it was as clear as if she were calling from next door on a regular phone. It's an ancient Nokia. The cell phone I use for foreign travel is an ancient Sony Ericsson which has fantastic sound even across oceans. I can barely comprehend anything on all the fancy Droids and iPhones. They may be getting fancier, but their quality as a phone is sliding.

Will these be comfortable for walking?

Up dreadfully late last night, and there are no compulsions to get up, so the day started late and seemed to progress in great leaps. It was a good day to try out my mail order shoes. Travelers' reviews say they're comfy from the start. I've yet to meet a pair of shoes that are comfy, let along from the start. We shall see. No, I won't be wearing those sox with them except for this break-in period.

Jean Luc watches Girl Kitty eat her breakfast. She dropped by on her own.

I walked (gently) outside to take a closer look at the rock theft problem. Looks like it might be extensive. We'll know better when Angie blows off the leaves after the upcoming storm. Changed the bulb on the porch light while I was out there.

Some big rocks missing there

Searched for and couldn't find a small quilted wallhanging I want to re-photograph for an upcoming blog. Hmmm.

Did a little laundry. But the big job is working on the Pocket Itinerary for Jeanne's May trip. The deadline races upon me.

Isn't life exciting around here? I do plan to visit an interesting property tomorrow. Hope photos are allowed.

See you tomorrow.


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