Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Patchwork Pavement

Is it too late to do any good?
 There was a lot of noise in the side street today. I can't see out on that side of the house except for a narrow angle through the window. It looked like a truck I'd seen earlier on the front street, driving around looking lost. When I went out this afternoon, here was the patchwork street, shiny wet-looking oil stuff. I intended to return through the end of my driveway that lets out onto the front street so I wouldn't track that gunk into my garage. But I forgot. Looks like it had dried enough not to track.

Credits for hard work
 I dropped by the Groveland Yosemite Gateway Museum and took a quick peek around. Groveland is a small town on the Highway 120 route just a few miles outside of Yosemite.

Original Groveland School Bell
Outside there are artifacts like this original school bell. Inside, there's a huge stuffed bear and other smaller animals and birds. My granddaughters have been aghast that people stuff animals for exhibition, so I'm sparing them from that today. But the bear is awesomely huge. I should have had my picture taken with it.

There are collections of memorabilia from old time local families, scale models of mining equipment and other historical local occupations. I didn't have time to stay for a very thorough look, but I was taken with this collection of old woodworking tools. The tools my Papa used around house and yard when I was a kid were just like these.

Just a day or two ago I mentioned to brother-in-law, who is supervising installation of new flooring in their mountain house, that I think my grandson is interested in great-grandpa's old tools. BIL had me peek under the house at a wooden box, perhaps 12" x 36" x 8", which holds the oldest tools. I thought of putting the box in my car for the next time I see my daughter, but BIL said it must weigh at least 100 pounds. If daughter flies in, that clearly won't be transportable home.

As I drove out of town, I saw this sign, which is very sad, even without knowing the story.

See you tomorrow.


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