Monday, February 14, 2011

Hearts & Nine-Patch

Valentine's Day is not a very big deal when you don't have your Sweetie Pie around any more. My Sweetie Pie was quite romantic celebrating the day, except for the year we had a big argument just before February 14 and, glowering, each flung our unopened card for the other into the waste basket. What a waste of good cards, as neither of us sneaked a peek. Things blew over and we got back to nice cards, maybe roses, and for sure a dinner out.

Now when I think "hearts," I think "appliqué." Appliquéing a heart is one of the first lessons on hand work in a quilting class. I'm not a particular fan of hearts in quilts, but I have done a few.

I made a quilt for a friend when she retired and had members of our camping group sign the hearts.

Quilt for Alda's retirement
Hearts and Irish Chain
I made a little wallhanging, "Hearts & Nine-Patch," as a quilt class project. I eventually came to like it, probably because of its bright colors. I have it hanging in a small spot in my office.

I guess one of the last heart projects I did was . . . well, read what I wrote in my quilt photo album:

Detail of back

I was looking for this little wallhanging on Friday to take a better picture. I'm not sure it was completed in this photo. It's only recently that I stashed it somewhere after having it reside on my design wall for 10 years. I haven't yet looked in the storage shed to see whether it's with other little wallhangings I put there.

So all you lovers out there, enjoy the day, enjoy each other.

See you tomorrow.


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