Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Frustration . . . January 31

Another day of internet problems, although this time later in the day, enough to make me think things were going pretty well today. As it stands now, it'll only be luck if I can slip this in through an open window of opportunity. I won't try any pretty pictures, I won't try an exciting story. I'll simply try. This is, after all, supposed to be a story of daily living in one person's life.

I'm -- well -- sort of embarrassed when these outages occur. When the company originally began its internet service, service was down a lot because they had to do major upgrades to old equipment, and problems cascaded. I stuck with them because the service when running knocked the sox off other options I'd had and I knew they were working 24/7 to get it going right. They've been running fine for quite awhile now and I've recommended them to friends seeking alternatives. I know they'll get things rolling smoothly again, but meanwhile I'm cringing at the unspoken (or to-be-spoken) accusations of my friends . . .

Today I got involved in a little project of saving my blog posts as pdf files. I don't have any permanent version  of them and things online are so ephemeral these days. Do you remember when we could give someone a link to a website and be assured they're seeing the identical thing we're seeing? Even years later? If someone asks, "did ya see such-and-such on Facebook?" Maybe not, even if you were "on." Alas, the connection problem interferes with both downloading and printing a webpage, so the little project has not been a speedy project.

I took all my bill payments to the post office and picked up a big pile of official-looking mail. You know, the kind that says IMPORTANT TAX INFORMATION INCLUDED and arrives on January 31st. I got a document that I needed to sign, then forwarded it on to my sister for her signature as well.  I got the "advice of electronic deposit" of my retirement check. They were supposed to increase the federal tax withheld to help cover some income I receive that's not withheld from, but it sure doesn't look like that happened, even though the check is smaller.

I had five boxes of books in the back of the car, not huge boxes because I can't lift that much, to leave off for Friends of the Library book sales. Their deposit box now has a lock on its doors and there's a slot or chute to deposit books. For starters, I think it's sacrilegious to toss a book through a slot to land who-knows-where. The library wasn't open, so I'll have to return when it's open and get someone to open the door.

I noticed I had misread the little oil change tag in my window, so made an appointment for that down the hill tomorrow after a lunch meeting with Soroptimist up here and before an early evening French class down there.

I prepared a Treasurer's Report for the RV club's off-season potluck this weekend (not on Super Bowl Sunday). I forgot one potluck and had to miss another two over this winter, and I've been told my report is being awaited with great anticipation. I'm not sure why this is so exciting. They got their fiscal-year-end report (Oct. 31) and there's only one cycle of income/expense since that.

Except for the removal of five boxes of books from the house, progress toward the big computer/new network move languishes. My kittens would like that day to come. I have a good chair in the study and they like to take little naps in my arms when I'm working there. It doesn't work as well in a dining room chair and Jean-Luc and Chloe are constantly growling and hissing at each other out here.
I missed a moment of internet.  Will try again.

I stuck my head in on new floor installation at my sister's Mountain House. Her husband is supervising!

See you tomorrow.



  1. In agreement: nothing more frustrating than loss of internet. Seems as though you got a lot done in spite of, or maybe because of, internet disturbance!

  2. Portland friend, now without husband, never used the computer because she said "everyone always swore at it". She is now learning to swear

  3. Love that, 92 MOG.

    Still frustrated. Internet was out most of Tuesday morning, then I went away until evening and it was still out except for letting a little bit of email in and out sporadically, but no websites.

    Fingers crossed on Monday morning.