Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Flower of Spring

A little ironic, to be talking about the first flower of Spring in the face of more Winter weather. I first saw this little bud in my yard on February 9, along with a few spears of green that were poking their ways through the oak leaf carpet. It seemed a little premature at the time. But I took an interest in this struggle in nature.

Click on the photos to get a larger picture of the little bud.

Feb 9

I kept a careful eye on it, so I wouldn't miss it when it burst into bloom. Making progress on February 13.

Feb 13
 It was battered by 1½ inches of rain, a little bowed on February 16.

Feb 16

The snow storm that took down trees on February 18.

Feb 18

Early in the morning of February 19 after another onslaught of snow.

Feb 19 morning

By afternoon, it was still hanging in there.

Feb 19 late afternoon

No progress was made and I began to despair that it would simply shrivel away. At noon on February 22, there's the first sign of hope.

Feb 22 noonish

Then mid morning February 23: Hello, Little Sunny Face. You made it. (Tears in eyes)

Feb 23 mid morning

See you tomorrow.


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