Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Effect of Rain and Snow

I had to roll out of bed early this morning to put trash out before the truck came, and was surprised to find a wet deck outside. Almost an inch and a half of rain overnight and I never heard it.

I wasn't ready to wake up but got dressed anyway and put on puddle-stomping shoes. After wheeling my heavy little bags down to the curb and putting them in the big bag, I went to check again on whether my first flower of spring, whose bud I first noted on February 9, had bloomed yet. Its sorry little head was bowed down by the rain, but it still hadn't opened. The empty bird bath had filled.

The nandina was akimbo.

Here I was, up bright and early, with a whole day to work on my computer projects and go for a real walk. You remember -- my "have to get in shape" walk.

I kept an eye out the window for a good break between spitting snow and blowing rain. About 3 o'clock, I decided I shouldn't wait much longer, so put on a jacket, scarf, rain parka and camera, and took off. The drizzle I walked into turned into snow the moment I stepped into the street. I pulled the camera out of my jacket, taking a shot in each direction, without benefit of aiming, to see whether I could capture snow.

It worked, kind of.

I went on with the walk. My theory that I'd warm up from the exertion was wrong. Snow accumulated on my shoulders and, of all places, on the thumb that gripped my walking stick, soaking my glove and freezing the thumb.

You can see white-out behind me. My snowy walk was a blast.


Look how much snow accumulated on my deck during a 20 minute walk.

My pedometer only registered 200 steps for the journey. WRONG WRONG WRONG.

See you tomorrow.



  1. You went through quite a change in weather in just a few minutes; yikes!! And kudos for your dedication to walking. My exercise program has been closer to 0 steps. Ooops!

  2. Welllll. Two days in and I missed one day.