Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Crazy Lady Who Wanted the A/B Switches (Friday's Post)

Once upon a time, a court ruled that cable companies must reduce their rates as a result of some unfair pricing scheme. The cable company in our little town raised its rates and my husband told them to take a hike.

Flaunting HOA suggestions that antennas are unsightly, he put one up and here, on the far far fringe, we lucked out and got TV reception. One cannot deprive a man, or his wife, of the God-given right to free TV.

This lasted many years, until summer temperature inversions in the Valley interfered with the new DTV reception in the mountains, as did Valley fog in the winter. A recent cable Internet subscriber, I succumbed to cable TV.

Under new ownership, the cable company has been installing extensive upgrades, to bring a 13-channel infrastructure into the 21st Century.

The upgrade is still underway, most channels are still provided in DTV, not HDTV, and this is the mountains, where things go wrong. I wanted an A/B switch, with cable input and antenna input installed where it came into the house, so I'd have the choice.

There was a technical huddle and consultations. My own ancient piecemeal infrastructure was full of so much "noise" that it wouldn't give me satisfactory service, so, now I have three TVs, needing three A/B switches, amplifier(s), all new wiring.

Very decorative, that A/B switch. Two or three days ago I was wondering at the wisdom of my choice to install the extra equipment. Then, the power went out at midnight last night and what took out the power (snow, falling trees), took out even more cable company lines.

My power was restored around 4:30 a.m. this (Friday) morning, but the cable main lines, feeding both Internet and TV in my neighborhood, are still down, 24 hours later.

But my TVs are running on antenna with their B-switch settings!


See you tomorrow.


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