Saturday, January 8, 2011


It’s way too hard to go ahead with the blog I was rough-drafting earlier today even as the tragic events in Tucson were being revealed hour by hour on CNN and, perhaps, other news outlets. Yet I’m seeing so little of it reflected on my Facebook News Feed -- although that’s where I was first alerted to it by Join the Coffee Party Movement.

Aside from that, the only mention I’ve seen there has been by Emily’s List and a Note by my Tucson grandson. I cruised other channels awhile ago and saw only the regular fare playing. Am I only attuned to it because that’s where my daughter and grandchildren live? Shouldn’t we all be horrified at this assassination attempt? And praying or whatever is our choice to convey healing impulses to the injured and the families of the dead?

On the home front, just as I was posting in the discarded rough draft that Jean-Luc seemed well on the way to recovery, he began to vomit, and has grown very lethargic. I’m very worried about my baby. There isn’t a safe and practical way to get to the only emergency vet tonight. It’s a 60+ mile drive one way and there are patches of dense fog and low temperatures along a route that takes over 1½ hours in the best of weather.

A definite downer of a day, too hard to put on a happy face.

See you tomorrow.

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