Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursdays Out . . . January 20, 2011

This Senior Signs photo is making the email rounds. Chances are, if you're a senior, this has already hit your inbox. Our Thursday NeedleCrafts group meets at "The Little House," our community's -- er -- "little" senior (and other adults) center. The photo was being passed around there today, so for you non-seniors out there, you can see how we amuse ourselves.

Last week Rose gave Barbara a knitting pattern for a vest she wanted to make with some roughly-spun natural wool. It has a name but I haven't seen it written so can't remember what it is. It was supposed to keep Barbara busy at NeedleCrafts for weeks, but she came in with the completed vest this morning. Maybe she'll come in with a bucket of mail to sort next week, like I've been doing when short on other hand work.

This gathering is as much to socialize as to produce afghans, quilts, sox, gloves, sweaters and cute little animals, and the topic turned to reading after Barbara told me her husband had nice comments about my Show-and-Tell of the Kindle at the Computer Users Group this week. He'd demo'd his iPad in our Dueling Readers face off.

Rose has thought about getting an electronic reader of some sort, but she hesitates until she makes a dent in what she estimates is 1,000 unread paperbacks neatly lined up on shelves awaiting her. She carries a 16-page, small-print list of what she already owns so she won't re- buy. Maybe she'll get her Kindle next Christmas. I told her I'd love to see her list and she pulled it out.

My excitement for the day still wasn't over. My sister and husband are having new floors put into the family home which they'll be retiring to before long, and I took delivery of the boxes of wood and tiles at the house so they can acclimate  there for awhile before installation. Who knew?

See you tomorrow.


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