Saturday, January 29, 2011

TGIF and that leaves Saturday & Sunday . . . Jan. 28

Thanks, to those of you who tested. Two people who hadn't been able to comment succeeded today.

I posted Testing Testing at 1:48 a.m. this morning (Friday). I should have gone to bed then, but I had opened the Picasa photo program to find a particular photo of my Mom and Dad for Thursdays Out. Picasa is still a big mystery to me, but one day I stumbled upon it scanning every photo on my hard drive (and that's a lot) for faces, then grouping them with facial recognition software for identification. I knew that early on it had indexed my Dad in his cowboy hat and that's the one I wanted and it was easy to find.

So, having completed Thursday's blog, when I went to shut down, Picasa was still open and scanning, waiting for some ayes or nays on its tentative identifications. There were over 10,000 unidentified faces when I got sucked in. And in. And inner.

But who can resist the Ding of incoming email in the middle of the night? It was writingfeemail's Friday blog. (She's one of the remarkable women I met at Essoyes, France at Writing from the Heart.)  Friday blog? She lives in the Eastern time zone, and I shot off a quick email asking whether she was "still up tonight" or "already up tomorrow."

She was up and ready to leave for work and I was still sitting here at 4 a.m. clicking on faces.

Mama through the years
Oh, well. I'm down to 9,059 unnamed faces and went off to bed by 4:30. There wasn't much left of the night.

I suppose a certain lack of focus in completing tasks I set for myself might be a side effect of chronic sleep deprivation. Or is it the distraction of world events?

I got a chill hunkering over the computer late last night after the heat went off, and it was chilly in bed, with me too tired to snag a throw, and it was cold outside today despite the sun, and even chillier in the freezer aisles in the market despite wearing a sweatshirt, and just to top it off, getting an additional shiver at the sight of a young woman in a spaghetti strap top who was also in the store.


I'm not crazy. When I got home, the weather gadget on my computer desktop had an exclamation point which clicked to a SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT ... WINTRY WEATHER EXPECTED THIS WEEKEND.

I could have told you that! I've been feeling it already.

After our very wet fall, we haven't had any rain since early January. We could use some now.

See you tomorrow.


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  1. Thanks for the complement! It was nice to start the day chatting with a friend over the internet. I hope you will share some of your family photos; dad in cowboy hat maybe.