Friday, January 28, 2011

Testing Testing

Several of you have told me you have been unable to post comments, or I have been unable to see comments you have posted. I found a forum where lots of bloggers have the same complaints, but frankly, the answers weren't all that helpful. One thing I'm trying here is to have comments appear on a separate page from the blog, rather than "embedded."

Please try to post a test comment, especially those of you who have emailed me separately that comments aren't working or were difficult.

A security window will pop up asking whether you want to see only the secure material in a mixed page. It doesn't much matter whether you answer yes or no. If you say No, you will see the profile picture of the commenter, if you say Yes, the picture space will be blank.

Thank you thank you!


  1. No problem but I am logged into my google account

  2. What do ya know; it worked. Good job Lee!

  3. I think it should work, no?

  4. Nina, I looked at your blog as an example ... you have the full page comments. I like the pop-up ones but wondered whether people's pop-up blockers would, uh, block them