Thursday, January 13, 2011


Again? This tooth has already had two root canals and again it’s pounding a nail into my jaw with something as innocuous as a bite of bread. All night I shifted from one side to the other, trying to decide whether it hurt worse pressed into the pillow or exposed to chill night air.

Tooth crises occur with irritating frequency the week prior to a trip abroad, precipitating crash treatment efforts. I have no trips abroad planned within the next few weeks. Oh, I get it. It’s time for that dental implant staycation in Costa Rica.

I’ve been issued an antibiotic pending return of the dentist.

This is my first Thursday blog. For at least 20 years, I’ve spent Thursdays with a group of women (men are not banned, by the way) who work on their various needlework projects. We have that three or four hours a week to tackle these projects with undivided attention. No laundry, no telephones, no committee work to interrupt.

Terry starts an afghan

Rose finishes a sock.

Lee binds a wallhanging.

See you tomorrow.

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