Sunday, January 16, 2011

Odds & Ends Sunday - January 16

What to do with the trivia that attract my attention? Odds and Ends seems like a plan. (And if I’ve messed up my singular and plural nouns and verbs in those sentences, I’m just confused.)

Things went a bit amuck with the photos last night. I was racing to beat the clock for a January 15 date stamp. I missed. As the outcome of trying hastily to correct certain errors, I only previewed the changes. Meanwhile, photos hopped about unexpectedly. Learning curve here. Read every preview before you press publish. :-)

If 50 is the old age of your youth and the youth of your old age, what are you at 73?
I’d considered blog titles based on "A Woman of a Certain Age." There are similar titles already out there. Furthermore, the "certain age" appears to be much younger than I am. (Yikes! But it’s only a number, after all!) Also among candidates were "In No Particular Order (Nonlinear Observations)" and "Running Free ... No Set Schedule to Blog." After consideration, I decided on my oft-used description of my travels.

Jubilation on Saturday morning. "Quicken Deluxe 2011" was waiting in my mailbox. Not the computer "mailbox" and not the post office mailbox where I get my mail. Costco insisted on my street address, which works fine with UPS, but the post office doesn’t do home delivery here. They deliver to cluster boxes scattered throughout our development; I have one of those, but I don’t use it. This turned out to be some hybrid service between UPS and the post office and I had watched the package languish in a shipping center (via tracking software) for four days only three hours away from here!
Why am I so excited about this? Lack of Quicken has been the main thing that has slowed my computer to computer transfer, and I wasn’t looking forward to a holiday weekend of waiting. I’m sick of the mess in (at least) two rooms. Now I can make some real progress!

I don’t like to make fun of people for their shortcomings, but I can’t help it in this case. This has to be the most inept phishing attempt yet. This arrived in my mailbox. Don’t worry, I didn’t open it and I hope you’ll view emails with similar titles with suspicion.

********** Quote **********

Subject: Administrator
From: "Webmail Administrator"

Attn: Subscriber
This is to notify all our suscribers that a total of 420 subscribers
account has been shot down due to their failure to comply with our
administrator to carry out our update of the webmail interface and the
security of our database and to help know the active users from the
inactive to enable us create more account for new subscribers.You are
hereby given a secound chance to comply now and provide our Administrators
with their reqiured info for your account to be verified.
reqiured info:

verify password:
date of subscription:
date of expiry:

Once you provide our Administrator with this info your account will be
verify with the new features sent to you for faster access to your


This message has been scanned for viruses and
dangerous content by MailScanner, and is
believed to be clean.

********** Unquote **********

See you tomorrow.

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