Saturday, January 8, 2011

Launching . . . Friday, January 7, 2011

Well, here goes. No more stalling. No more waiting for just the right moment. No more excuses.

For me, and maybe for you, I plan to make this daily record of my life, mostly mundane, but sometimes exciting.

For today’s excitement, I’m sitting in the vet’s office, waiting for Jean-Luc, my year-old Burmese kitten to get X-rayed, to find out why he woke up this morning not-at-all himself, normally a take-no-prisoners personality who routinely leaves the house in shambles. He’s hunkered down and takes only a step toward fetching a throw toy, then flinches back to hunker position.

X-ray report: yup, looks like he did consume stuffing from his chew "baby," and is constipated to boot. He’s having the dread enema now. (As I finish transcribing my scribbles from notepad to computer this evening, he has just finished cleaning the residuals of porcupine balls from the bottom of the pressure cooker. Appetite appears restored.)

I’m inspired by two bloggers, Sue, at My Incredibly Unremarkable Life, and Nina, at The Other Side of the Ocean Sue, a historian, was "retired" from her university teaching job by Katrina. She urges us to be regular journallers, writing the ordinary stuff of life which will make us interesting to future historians trying to reconstruct the lives of "ordinary" people. Nina sees her blog as an illustrated story, variously told, "better on some days, tediously dull on others." Her marvelous photos are published only on the day taken.

I’d love to do that. But I don’t move through enough space most days to produce beautiful photos. Me in my jammies, staring at the computer? You’ll share in my struggles to figure out just how to do this, that is, the mechanics of publishing a blog.

So my goal is to write daily, but I’ll reserve the right to flash back to past events that have provided little adventures, and to use existing photos. See you tomorrow.


  1. Love it! Your dry wit comes through. I suspect even the most mundane day will reflect that. Congrats on doing this. I'm already looking forward to more.

  2. Hi Lee,

    Congratulations on taking this step!

    You may have days when you find yourself "in your jammies staring at the computer," but I happen to know you have plenty of excitement in your life as well.

    Like the time (recently) when you chased down would-be rental car thieves who were about to abscond with your brave purchase in the middle of a major French transportation strike?

    You might tell your audience about things like that on days that strike you as less exciting by comparison. :)

    I'm proud of, and happy for you!

    Janet Hulstrand

  3. Thanks all. Janet, I do have that incident in mind as one of those flashbacks!

  4. Oh, congratulations! A wonderful introduction. You've got an official fan. (Let me know when I can put you on my roll of "Ocean friends." And do ask techie questions as they arise.)

  5. Thanks, Nina. Have a nice time in Portugal and congrats on all the "a l'heure" connections and a sunny day. Your Portugal photos for 1-8 are sensational.

    Click on Nina's link, The Other Side of the Ocean, and be rewarded.

  6. Bravo, Lee! I send my congratulations on this bold step into the blogging world. I have enjoyed your first two offerings and am looking forward to more.

  7. Congratulations. Your sister will keep reminding you that there are other things to do besides writing.