Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Step Forward

Yikes! My sister blew into town this afternoon for the next day or two to stow away the breakables in her retirement home in preparation for arrival of the flooring people. I tore her away from her toils for a break for dinner at our nice eatery and a chance to talk over our coming trip. The two of us, seated in a booth for four, pulled the table closer and this happened.

In fact, the pepper, the wine list and maybe even the bud vase tumbled over as well, but wait staff were quick to upright everything but the salt shaker. We paused to toss three pinches over our shoulders. Hope it was the correct shoulder. I’m not exactly up on these rituals, but I did admire the interesting arc the salt formed and wanted to get its picture before everything was swept away.

Friday evening, in a flurry of emails, Sister and I settled on dates for our air travel for the Provence tour in the summer. At the end of that tour, we’re splitting up, her to join her husband for touring elsewhere, me to attend language school. She and I will reconnect in Paris for the flight home together.

We got on the Air France website from our respective homes to enter reservation info, coordinating by phone and email. We got as far as the payment page when up popped one of those "sorry, our reservations system had a hiccup. Please try later." Good grief, do two people making similar flight reservations at the same time clog the system? We redid our entries, paid up before it dropped us again, going back later to fill in the critical passenger data.

My seat. Sister is the X across the aisle.

The cool part was selecting the side-by-side seats. We pulled up the seating chart simultaneously, decided on the seats we wanted, then clicked the little empty blue seat we’d each chosen, and voilà, the little red indicator plunked each of us where we wanted.

Ah, wonders of the Internet. I don’t know why I should say that ... have been using it for years, so I shouldn’t feel amazed. But sometimes I pause to marvel.

See you tomorrow.


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  1. Sounds great! I use ff miles from Delta, so I have to start there and then call Air France to select my seat (they're partners). As it turns out, I will be going to London in October and probably Paris in June 2012!